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100 Groovy Unisex Hippie Baby Names

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

Hippie Names | Names for Hippies

Hippie Names for Babies
Hippie Names for Babies

Is it a boy? Is it a girl?

You won't know until he or she gets here! How exciting!

 Here are 100 gender neutral names to choose from that are perfect for any little hippie!

Hippie Baby Names
Hippie Baby Names

Aquarius, Arrow, Aspen Barley, Basil, Bay, Blue, Burgundy Cass, Cedar (my daughter's name), Chance, Citron, Clay, Clove, Comet, Cosmic, Cove

Dale, Dali, Dancer, Dharma, Dreamer

Earth, East, Echo

Feather, Finch, Flight, Flow, Forest, Free, Freedom


Harper, Honor, Hugo


Jay, Journey

Karma, Kodak

Land, Leaf, Lennon, Light, Limerick, Linden, Lore, Lyric

Marley, Moon, Morning

Nebula, North, Nova

Oak, Ocean, Om, Orient, Orlando

Patchouli, Peace, Peaceful, Phoenix, Piper, Poem, Prism


Rain, Rebel, Red, Rigby, River (my son's name)

Saffron, Sage, Shade, Shadow, Sky, Smile, Solar, Soul, Spirit, Starr, Stone, Storm, Story, Sunny


Traveler, True, Truth


Wander, West, Wheat, Wind, Woodland


Zen, Zest, Ziggy

Which name is your favorite?

Let me know in a comment below!

100 Groovy Unisex Hippie Baby Names. Hippie names for babies.  Hippie baby names.

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