12 Awesome DIY Boho Autumn Crafts

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These 12 craft projects are a bohemian dream! Low cost, creative, and beautiful, these crafts are appropriate for all skill levels and will look amazing in your home!

Have fun!

This large dreamcatcher style wreath will look amazing inside your home or on your front door. ► Instructions

This wall hanger is made from real dried leaves and twigs. If you already have string at home, there's no need to buy a thing to make this awesome work of art. ► Instructions 

If you don't feel like carving pumpkins this year, try your hand at decorating them with a pyrography pen or henna instead for a truly boho-tastic look! ► Instructions

I would put one leaf on each plate on the Thanksgiving table, or maybe even lay them out on the runner down the center of the table. ► Instructions

This craft not only looks good, but it smells good too! The instructions are in Dutch and translate easily into English. ► Instructions

This big bold wall hanging is a new spin on the classic wreath and I think would look pretty boss at a wedding! ► Instructions

This jewelry dish is beautiful and functional. Make a few to use as candle holders on your Thanksgiving table! Instructions

How clever is this? A necklace made from strung indian corn seeds. I have zero intentions of making this myself, but if any of you make some, send one my way! ► Instructions

Ok, what bohemian doesn't love feathers? C'mon. Look at how cute and rustic that wreath is. ► Instructions

This is an adorable and affordable project that anyone can do! ►Instructions

I can smell these chai candles through this photo! Make them for your own home to use all through autumn, or make a buttload of them to give as Christmas presents. ► Instructions

I will definitely be doing this project this year! I've got tons of boho patterned scrap fabric that will work great for this! ► Instructions

Which project is your favorite? Let me know in a comment below!

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