20 Cheap & Creative Summer Activities for Hippie/Bohemian Kids

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I'm a homeschooling mom and we're going to continue with our schooling through the summer. We take school at such a relaxed pace, there's really no need for a summer break, but I'm human and I do need a little bit of a break every now and then. Since I started homeschooling, we're not a screen-free family anymore. My children do educational apps on their tablets, sometimes doing ABCmouse in place of school lessons when I'm busy or having a bad day, and in the evenings they are allowed to play just-for-fun games or watch non-educational YouTube videos for about an hour.

During our quick little summer breaks, I don't want my kids to be glued to their tablets because since we introduced them to tablets I found that their creativity and ability to keep themselves entertained has decreased greatly. So, I came up with this list of activities that I would like for my children to do this summer, activities that would be fun for me to participate in as well. The activities below are perfect for little hippies and bohemians of all ages who love to get artsy and appreciate nature. These activities are for both indoor and outdoor play and require little to no screen time. Should any computers or phones be needed, it would simply be for looking up tutorials and research. I hope you enjoy my list because I had a blast putting it together and I can't wait to get started with inspiring my children to entertain themselves without the aid of an electronic device. ENJOY!


Keep little hands busy with the ancient art of Japanese paper folding. Challenge your kids to create as many different origami animals as possible. Origami stars, boxes, and cranes look amazing when strung together and make great room decor! 


Collages are a great way to repurpose old magazines, books, photos, scrap fabric, ribbon, and more. Give your kids a box of materials and plenty of glue and watch their creativity unfold.

Make Upcycled Jewelry

Kids can make cool jewelry from items found around the house. They'll spend hours making paper beads, or woven friendship bracelets for themselves and their friends.

Henna Henna is a safe, all-natural way to do temporary tattoos. Hone your art skills by decorating your kids yourself or let them henna each other. Henna art isn't just for women, it looks great on boys too - they'll enjoy fun tribal warrior inspired design. You can also henna other objects like leather, gourds, wood, and drum heads.

Make Musical Instruments

Give kids a little guidance or let them be as creative as they want to be with reinventing or inventing their own musical instruments. Straws, rubber hoses, rubber bands, boxes and more can be assembled to create a whole new musical instrument. Check out Make Homemade Music with These 6 DIY Instruments for instructions and inspiration.

Learn Sign Language

From using it as their own secret language to actually communicating with a hearing-impaired friend, sign language is fun to learn and is a valuable skill to have. 

Nature Mandala

Go outside and gather pebbles, leaves, flowers, grass, berries and more and arrange them into beautiful temporary works of art. Check out Making Mandalas in Nature with Kids for more info.

Tie Dye

Revamp old tee shirts, curtains, bed sheets, and more with tie-dying! Kids will have a blast choosing their own colors and creating their own patterns and dye methods. If you don't want to buy a tie-dye kit, consider making dye from fruits and veggies you already have

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Make a list of all the things your kids should find outdoors and send them out with a box or basket to collect them and have fun.

Paint and Hide Rocks

Write inspirational messages or paint little works of art on stones and place them around town and in parks to be discovered.

Start an Indoor/Outdoor  Herb Garden

Herbs are easy to grow and a great way to teach kids responsibility while teaching them a handy skill. 

Attend a Drum Circle

Drum circles are fun for the whole family and kids will enjoy getting to dance around and be as loud as they want to be! (Just don't let them get crazy enough to throw off the rhythm!) Check out my post The Benefits Of Drum Circles for more info about the amazing benefits of drum circles.

Learn to Crochet or Knit

This is a valuable skill for boys and girls to learn and it will keep them quiet and busy for hours.


Place objects on a piece of special paper and let it develop in the sun to create sun prints. Sunprint paper can be found in craft stores and online.

Build a Teepee

Sheets and rods come together to create a fun hangout spot for the kids for both make-believe play, and quiet time. Check out this YouTube video here for instructions.

Make a Fairy Garden

Fairy gardens can be built in buckets, flower pots, the corner of the yard, at the base of a tree, and anywhere you can think of outside. Your children can work together to build one big elaborate fairy garden or a few individual gardens. If you have boys who aren't into fairies, suggest they make troll or dinosaur gardens instead.

Play Dress Up

Encourage kids to get creative by making costumes from things in their own closets or by making costumes from materials around the house. No sewing is necessary for costumes, sometimes hot glue, and safety pins are all you need!

Play in the Mud

You don't have to wait until it rains to play in the mud. If you've got a garden hose or a few buckets of water, you can make your own mud pit anytime.

Play Nature Bingo

Nature Bingo is similar to a scavenger hunt but in this game it's not necessary to obtain any items. This is fun to play in the park as well as the backyard. 

Mandala Coloring Books

If you're needing some peace and quiet for more than just a few minutes, mandala coloring books designed for adults are ideal to give to children because the designs are very intricate and can take a long time to finish. When they are done they will be very proud to see that they completed something very difficult.

Which activity do you like the best?

Let me know in a comment below!

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