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20 Fun Things to Do by Yourself

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

Fun things to do alone.

Things to Do By Yourself | Things to do alone.
Things to do alone.

Did you friends cancel at the last minute?

Maybe you need a little "me time"? 

Or are you bored and all alone?

No worries!

Here are 20 incredibly fun things for you to do all by yourself.


Travel somewhere new. Take a day trip or spend the night in town you've never been to before. It doesn't have to be a fancy hotspot, anywhere will work -  even the next town over. Take your time and explore.

Rearrange and revamp your home. Scoot your furniture about and hang up those paintings you forgot about in storage. Got a little time and money? Paint a room a color you've always desired.

Write your official bucket list. Make a list of all the things you would like to do before you leave this earth. Make it good! Need some ideas? Check out my post 100 Oddly Satisfying Activities to Add to Your Bucket List.

Take yourself out on a fancy dinner date. Get all gussied up dine at a nice restaurant. Buy whatever you want and eat as much as you want; you're only paying for yourself so bon appétit!

Go to a free concert, parade or festival. Browse your local newspaper for your town's calendar of events for a list of free happenings around town.

Watch funny videos on YouTube. If you've never watched J.P. Sears' channel Awaken with JP, it's time you start. Get ready for some pants-wettingly hilarious spiritual enlightenment.

Tie-dye There's so much more to tie-dyeing than making a t-shirt look like a rainbow threw up on it. You can dye pretty much anything made from natural fibers like cotton, silk or wool in all kinds of amazing patterns. You can even make your own natural dyes from fruits and veggies.

Learn a fun trick. Go to the library or bookstore and find a book on magic tricks, card tricks and even bar bet tricks. Browse YouTube for videos on how to juggle and do fun science tricks and illusions. Impress and amuse your friends at parties or when you're bored on the subway.

Be a tourist in your own town. Grab your fanny pack and your selfie stick and visit all of your town's most popular tourist attractions. Buy souvenirs, take tours and don't forget to take lots of photos!

Try a new recipe. Get bold and creative in the kitchen and try something new.

Go thrift shopping. Find some kitschy art, find treasures, buy some furniture to flip for profit or find some awesome vintage clothing for yourself.

Things to Do By Yourself | Things to do alone.

Make art. Paint, draw, sketch, make a collage, decoupage or even make some jewelry. Who cares if you're good at it. Just try!

Play in the bathtub. Grab some bath paints, a rubber ducky or two, a toy boat, put way too much soap in the water and have a bubbly good time.

Get on Pinterest. Plan your imaginary dream wedding, home remodel or vacation on one of America's favorite time-waster sites!

Write a comic strip. Create a character, a scenario, grab a pencil and paper and let your wit and humor run wild. Need help? Check out this Wikihow article: How to Write a Simple Comic Strip.

Visit a farmers market. Get out and buy yourself some local produce from hardworking men and women of the community. Farmer's markets also have other local yummies like honey, soup mixes, jerky and even arts and crafts!

Make a short movie about yourself. Be silly, be serious, be weird, be you. Write a script, sing a song and edit it to create your own cinematic masterpiece.

Find a pen-pal. Make friends overseas or in your own country. Have fun handwriting letters and mailing them out... just like in ancient times.  Join legit sites that link you to soldiers overseas, students and even inmates in need of encouraging words.

Start an Instagram account for an inanimate object. You see that lamp over there? Give it a name. Take it on adventures. Document it.

Henna yourself. Adorn yourself with beautiful temporary henna tattoos. Worried you're not going to be good at it? No problem. Henna isn't just for hands, you can do your feet, legs and any part of your body that can be hidden if you don't like your work. Get yourself a henna kit HERE.

How do you keep yourself entertained when you're alone? Tell me all about it in a comment below!

Things to Do By Yourself | Things to do alone.

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