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200 Oddly Satisfying Activities to Add to Your Bucket List

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

Bucket list ideas | Funny bucket list ideas.

bucket list ideas
Bucket list ideas

When you finish reading this you're probably going to think, 'why the heck should I do any of this stuff?'

And my questions for you is:

Why the heck not?

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” - #OscarWilde

Unusual bucket list ideas
Unusual bucket list ideas

1. Bust a pinata.

2. Be nude outside (even if for just a few seconds).

3. Go back for desert seconds... or even thirds... fourths, etc.

4. Go crazy with your Christmas decor inside and out.

5. Take a bubble bath with waaaaay too much soap.

6. Jump in a pool with all your clothes on (or bathtub if you can't swim).

7. Suck helium and sing a song.

8. Pump a whole can of shaving cream into your hand.

9. Have a caricature made.

10. Slap someone (with their permission).

11. Photobomb a stranger's photo.

12. Men - Shave your legs; Women - Don't Shave for a week.

13. Ride a roller coaster that looks terrifying.

14. Crossdress.

15. Hold and armful of puppies.

16. Get a tattoo.

17. Try 100 different kinds of beer.

18. Shoot 4 different kinds of guns.

19. Submerge your hand into a large bowl of uncooked rice.

20. Stomp grapes (doesn't even have to be for wine).

21. Go to a formal event.

22. Solve a Rubik's cube.

23. Smash a watermelon with a sledge hammer.

24. Stay awake for 48 hours.

25. Perform on stage.

Creative bucket list ideas
Creative bucket list ideas

26. Create your own holiday - celebrate it every year.

27. Ride and elephant.

28. Be a part of a flash mob.

29. Eat a deep fried Oreo.

30. Audition for American Idol.

31. Wear a hoop skirt.

32. Go commando for a day (no undies).

33. Attend a protest - even if you don't know what they're protesting.

34. Smash a guitar.

35. Ride a segway.

37. Buy a scratch-off lottery ticket.

38. Sell something you made on Etsy.

39. Tour a factory.

40. Scratch a CD on purpose.

41. Go to Medieval Times.

42. Make someone cry... tears of joy.

43. Take a pin-up style photo (yes, dudes too).

44. Gain 5 lbs on purpose then lose it.

45. Throw a massive "just because" party.

46. Learn to read sheet music.

47. Ride a mechanical bull

48. Break a dinner plate on purpose.

49. Go to a renaissance festival.

50. Wear a wig all day.

Weird bucket list ideas
Weird bucket list ideas

51. TP your own home.

52. Try aaaaall the ice cream flavors.

53. Play in the mud.

54. Make an old school zine and share copies of it.

55. Complete an entire word puzzle book.

56. Learn to skateboard.

57. Climb a tree.

58. Go to a rodeo.

59. Grow your hair super long.

60.Cut your hair very short.

61. Start a petition.

62. Smoke a hookah.

63. Own a tiara or crown.

64. Win a costume contest.

66. Break a world record.

67. Create a new world record.

68. Start a campfire with no help.

69. Shear a sheep.

70. Memorize a famous poem.

71. Drink from a baby bottle.

72. Break a piggy bank.

73. Wear a corset.

74. Win an auction - online or in person.

75. Make pasta completely from scratch (sauce, noodles and all).

bucket list idea
Bucket list idea

76. Watch a foreign movie with no subtitles.

77. Eat an exotic fruit you've never had before.

78. Be in in a Mardi Gras parade.

79. Set piece of furniture on fire (um, outdoors please).

80. Try at least 10 different types of ethnic cuisine.

81. Learn to belly dance (dudes too).

82. Own a formal gown or tuxedo.

83. Fast for 24 hours.

84. Go to a comic convention.

85. Publish an ebook.

86. Wear a kilt.

87. Direct traffic.

88. Throw a birthday party for a child.

89. Eat an insect.

90. Recreate the fax machine scene from the movie Office Space.

91. Sleep in a haunted house.

92. Milk a goat.

93. Go bra-less.

94. Twerk. Try it. Go on. Just once...

95. Smoosh a cake with your hands.

96. Go Zorbing.

97. Learn a card trick.

98. Go panning for gold.

99. Make a full Thanksgiving dinner - just because.

100. Smoke a cigar.

unique bucket list ideas
Unique bucket list ideas

101. Go to a heavy metal concert.

102. Try on a full suit of armor.

103. Become an ordained minister.

104. Throw someone a surprise party.

105. Enter a dance competition.

106. Learn to drive a motorcycle.

107. Enter a limbo competition.

108. Go Christmas caroling (even if it's not Christmas).

109. Chase down an ice cream truck.

110. Watch every single episode of the Simpsons (about 600 episodes).

111. Ride in a limousine.

112. Attend a roller derby game.

113.Visit a drive through safari.

115. Create a board game.

116. Make a time capsule.

117. Learn to change a flat tire.

118. Have your portrait painted.

119. See all the movies playing at the cinema.

120. Ride in a horse drawn carriage.

121. Start an unexpected water balloon war.

122. Write a description of your dream sandwich - make it.

123. Wear a bikini in public with no cover-up (guys too?).

124. Mow your neighbor's yard.

125. Own a pair of real cowboy boots.

Fun bucket list ideas
Fun bucket list ideas

126. Drink a gallon of water in a day.

127. Jump off a diving board.

128. Give someone a nickname and use it.

129. Write a movie script.

130. Set up a Facebook account for your grandparents.

131. Attach a weird note to a balloon and release it.

132. Invent your own cocktail.

133. Write and encouraging letter to someone in prison.

134. Try all the restaurants in town.

135. Dye your hair a bold, unnatural color.

136. Have a silly string fight.

137. Make a huge rubber band ball.

138. Ride in a hot air balloon.

139. Make your own wine.

140. Order a pizza with ALL the toppings available.

141. Walk the red carpet.

142. Start a dramatic slow clap.

143. Participate in a historical reenactment.

144. Buy a fancy camera and learn to use it well.

145. Learn origami.

146. Go on a super spontaneous road trip.

147. Get your face painted at a carnival.

148. Improve your vocabulary.

149. Milk a cow.

150. Learn how to make sushi.

Bucket list ideas
Bucket list ideas

151. Perform at an open mic night.

152. Play in a public fountain.

153. Go 48 hours without electricity (on purpose, not because you forgot to pay the bills).

154. Be in a wedding.

155. Troll an internet forum - be funny, not rude.

156. Create a Twitter account for an inanimate object.

157. Go to a Pow-Wow.

158. Get drunk.

159. Eat a Goblin Cock... um, it's a burger...

160. Perform stand-up comedy.

161. Go clam digging.

162. Read a banned book.

163. Make a hat out of foil.

164. Ride a roller coaster until it no longer thrills you.

165. Send flowers to yourself.

166. Read a whole novel in one day.

167. Learn to say "hello" in 20 different languages.

168. Start a food fight.

169. Do a flip on a trampoline.

170. Learn to make a balloon animal.

171. Run a marathon.

172. Sell something odd on eBay.

173. Wear colored contacts.

174. Learn a magic trick.

175. Pee in every ocean on the planet.

Unusual bucket list ideas
Unusual bucket list ideas

176. Be an extra in a movie.

177. Enter a beauty pageant.

178. Hold a tarantula.

179. Get a spray tan.

180. See the Harlem Globetrotters play.

181. Catch a bride's bouquet (dudes too).

182. Paint a self portrait.

183. Buy a slingshot.

184. Assemble a 5,000+ piece jigsaw puzzle.

185. Try voluntourism.

186. Walk across your state.

187. Start a blog.

188. Burn a book.

189. Host your own Oktoberfest party.

190. Learn a dead language.

191. Get a regrettable tattoo.

192. Be a sperm/egg donor.

193. Create a Facebook fan page for your pet.

194. Decorate a blank tee shirt.

195. Memorize a funny drinking toast.

196. Drink absinthe.

197. Dine alone at a super fancy restaurant.

198. Learn to use chopsticks with your non-dominant hand.

199. Get temporary dreadlocks.

200. Bust a windshield with a baseball bat (um, preferably an old junker WITH the owner's permission).

Ideas for bucket list
Ideas for bucket list

If you haven't considered participating in these activities, I bet you're thinking about it now, aren't you?

Satisfy your curiosity today and just DO it!

Just because bucket list ideas. Funny bucket list ideas.

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