3 Reasons Why Weird Baby Names are OK

About unusual baby names.

Reasons Why Weird Baby Names are OK. About alternative baby names. Unusual baby names. Unique baby names.

A few years ago I wrote a blog post titled The Ultimate List of Alternative Baby Names. The post is very popular and has been pinned on Pinterest several thousand times. But due to some profanity laden negative feedback I kept receiving, I disabled the comment section on the post. Someone even commented, "That's the kind of sh*t you should name a dog. Not a child. If you name a kid that - that's child abuse."

Many people feel some of the names on the list are outrageous and that's ok. They're entitled to feel however they want, but what they shouldn't do is judge any parent for giving their child an unusual name. Why should you have negative feelings towards someone who named their child something you don't like? How does it affect you? Is it your child? Nope.

But some people claim their disdain for the name is out of concern for the child's well-being stating: "The child will be bullied. The child will resent their parents later in life. Their parents are irresponsible and cruel."

Even I'll admit with my quirky self that I feel some names are too much - such as Jermaine Jackson's naming his son Jermajesty, and Dweezil, son of Frank Zappa.

But you know what? Those aren't my children. I wasn't present during their baby naming process and I don't know why they chose those names. But what I do know is no loving parent intentionally names their child something weird so that they will be bullied later in life.

If you're trying to gain a better understanding into what's up with the odd names these days or if you're wanting to find the courage to give your child a unique name you like, here are three very simple reasons why "weird names" are ok.