30 Unusual Ways to Burn 100 Calories

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

How to burn calories without exercising.

How to burn 100 calories
Burn calories chewing gum

Saturday: wake up, cook a big breakfast, tidy up the house, wash your car, go shopping with your BFFs and then end the night getting down on the dancefloor. Go home, go to sleep, wake up, and you've just burned 700 calories!

Oftentimes, when we think of burning calories we think of hitting the gym, going to Zumba, jogging in the park, busting out the Wii Fit - but did you know that everything you do that requires movement of your body burns calories? Indeed!

If you're a waiter, at the end of the day you've burned some mega calories running back and forth from kitchen to table and back again for hours and hours. You're a stay at home parent? Chasing after kiddos, playing catch, and roughhousing burns calories! Everything does!

Is vacuuming everyday going to turn you into a supermodel overnight? Nope.

But it WILL help you stay on track with your diet, especially if you're logging your caloric intake and exercise. If you've discovered that you're about to go over your daily calorie allowance, don't freak out. Just go out rake some leaves or go fishing.

So, if the word "exercise" makes you wanna run... the other way... no worries.

Here are 30 realistic and "non-exercisey" activities that you can do (or do MORE of) that will burn 100 calories.