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5 Ways to Love & Respect Yourself

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

How to love yourself

Self Love
Self Love

We are our own worst critics. When we fail we insult ourselves, when we make mistakes we scold ourselves, when we succeed we feel it’s still not good enough. This kind of negative thinking is absolutely destructive to our self-esteem and it can absolutely ruin your life. How can you change this? Treat yourself the way you would like to be treated - with love and respect. Self love is crucial for a happier life. Below are five ways you can show yourself love and respect.

“The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself.” – Mark Twain

1. Stand Up for Yourself

If someone has hurt your feelings, let it be known. If you don’t, then you might lead that person to believe that you are ok with being treated that way. If you’re not the kind of person who can deflect insults and false accusations with lightning fast wit on the spot, then wait until you’ve got the right words to express yourself thoroughly. Be assertive but not aggressive. Use gentle but honest words in a face-to-face meeting or even a text message or email to express your thoughts and feelings.

2. Be Kind to Your Body

Pamper your body inside and out. Eat nourishing food and never abuse your body with starvation or harmful pills. Stop torturing your lungs with toxic smoke and give yourself the gift of fresh, clean air. Enjoy special treats but don’t gorge yourself into a coma. Don’t ignore symptoms of physical or mental ailments - seek proper treatments so you can be comfortable, healthy, and happy.

3. Respond to Your Self-Criticism.

Whenever you catch yourself criticizing yourself, respond to the negativity with something positive and constructive.

If you say: "I failed that test because I'm so stupid."

Your response should be: "I am not stupid. I failed my test because I waited until the last minute to study."

Now, make plans to resolve the issue: "I’ve learned my lesson and next time I will give myself an adequate amount of time to study and prepare."

Here's another example:

"I can’t keep my house clean! I suck at being a mom!"

Respond: "I don't suck at being a mom. I have a lot on my plate."

Resolve: "Tonight I’m going to ask my husband to help me more around the house and assign the kids a few chores to lighten my work load."

And one more:

"There are two days until payday and I’ve already blown all my money. I’m so bad at adulting!"

Respond: "I am still learning and growing."

Resolve: "When I get home, I’m going to read some money management articles so I can learn how to handle my money better."

4. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

“Comparison is the death of joy.” — Mark Twain

You are way too unique to compare yourself to anyone. It just doesn’t make sense. How can you compare the running skills of a domestic housecat to that of a leopard? They are both cats, but both are here to serve two entirely different purposes. Focus on YOURSELF and YOUR life and work to build the life YOU want – not the life someone else has.

5. Do Things That Make You Feel Good

Wear whatever you want to wear, buy yourself flowers or a huge bunch of balloons, go on vacation alone, learn a new skill, throw a “just because” party, donate to your favorite charity – do whatever makes you happy! You deserve it!

How do YOU love yourself?

Self love | How to love yourself when you don't know how. Self love quotes.

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