9 Ways to Woo a Bohemian Woman (Plus Bonus Tips)

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Dating a bohemian girl | Dating a free spirit woman

Whether you're crushing hard on one or you've already nabbed one, knowing how to woo a bohemian woman is the only way you're going to get her and keep her. Making the wrong moves by being rigid and unoriginal can be a serious deal breaker for her. She's a unique spirit, she's unlike any woman you will ever meet and she needs to be romanced in a very creative way.

Feed her.

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach and the same can be said about women too! Bohemian women love good food and fresh new experiences, and you can give her that with just the right restaurant. Find a restaurant that offers a unique menu and atmosphere unlike anything she's ever seen. If there's nothing like that in town, then do a little research and ask around for recommendations in neighboring towns. A road trip to get good food is a wonderful date idea! You can use the traveling time to engage in more in-depth conversations before your mouths are too full to speak.  If you're a bit of a master chef, then cook her something fancy yourself. Make sure to set the table and pair your wine right!

Ask her to make you something.

Bohemian women are usually very creative and artistic, and would love the opportunity to share her talents with you and gift you something that came from her heart and her own two hands. If you ask her to make something for you, she will be absolutely thrilled that you've taken an interest in her talents and that you are confident enough in her abilities to make you something great.

Buy her sweets but make sure they're unique.

Women typically love chocolate and giving chocolates is a very classic romantic gesture that any woman would appreciate whether she's a chocoholic or not. BUT don't you dare present a bohemian woman with a heart-shaped box of chocolates from the supermarket or she will murder you. Just kidding... or am I? Mass produced chocolates are boring and oftentimes not even good. What are those filled with anyway? Toothpaste? Cake frosting???

If you're fortunate enough to live in a town with a chocolate shop, stop by and get her something tasty. You can also find wonderful gourmet chocolates online. There, you can read the ingredients and read reviews about the chocolates before you buy.

Take her thrift shopping.

Bohemian women LOVE thrift shopping. It's a surefire way for them to find affordable, one-of-a-kind home decor, clothing, and accessories. Thrift shopping is also a great way to discover a bohemian woman's tastes, her likes and dislikes. Pay attention to what she gets excited about and what she frowns at; this will help you with picking out gifts for her later. If there's something she's pining for but she puts it back on the shelf because she can't afford it, you know what you need to do, right? Go back and buy it for her! That's level 10 wooing right there.

Compliment her.

If there's one thing a bohemian woman fears, it's being average. Make sure to give her affirmation that she is a beautiful, creative, and unique human being.

Ask her to model for you.

Are you an artist or photographer?  This goes hand-in-hand with complimenting. Asking her to model for you lets her know that you feel she is beautiful and intriguing enough to be the subject of your art.

Buy her something rare and exquisite.

It doesn't have to be expensive... just extraordinary. It can be a bottle of wine with exquisite art on the label, a quirky brooch, an unusual antique book, a giant vase, or a souvenir from an unidentifiable country (researching where it came from is part of the fun!). Not sure where to find this stuff? Flea markets and thrift stores are a great place to start!

Put effort into your appearance.

Be a walking work of art for her to admire. Bohemian women love beautiful things and beautiful men are at the top of the list. A good-looking gentleman who takes pride in his appearance and is creative with his fashion is a definite win for a bohemian lady. Even if you normally dress plainly, try your best to get a little "peacocky" when it's time to dress up and go out. Experiment with colors and patterns, maybe add a necklace or ring.

If flamboyancy just isn't your thing then don't force it! It's ok! But show her that you care enough about her and what appeals to her by not dressing like a slob. That means no baseball caps indoors, no tee shirts for dinner dates, and absolutely no jeans to the theater.

Respect her Quirkiness.

You don't have to like everything that she's into and you're not going to be unless you're just as weird as she is, but showing her that you're not freaked out by her unconventional interest is just as good as partaking in them. If she likes to sew costumes for her pet rats then buy her a bag of sequins that she could put towards her next creation. If you are weirded out by anything she does or believes in, never criticize her. Instead of saying things like, "wow, that's a weird thing to do," say "That's very fascinating. You are truly unique". As long as she's not doing evil things that can harm her or other people, there's no need to stop her from being herself. And the same goes for you. Keep an open mind about her interests but you don't have to force yourself to get involved. If you have to engage in an activity that you hate every time you're with her, you're going to be in a brief and miserable relationship.


1. Never take her on a date to a super popular mainstream business like Chilis or Starbucks. That's boring and very unoriginal. Pick small, local businesses with cool vibes instead.

2. Bohemian women don't particularly care for diamond jewelry. If you've reached the "diamond-buying" phase in your relationship, use the money to buy her an exquisite antique or concert tickets instead.

3. Don't even THINK about taking her to a sports bar.

4. If you want to buy her an accessory, never think, "Oh, she has enough scarves/rings/necklaces/etc". She doesn't. She doesn't have enough. She will never have enough. Buy it.

5. You don't have to be a bohemian guy to date a bohemian woman! If you're not a bohemian yourself, then never ever try to lead her into believing that you are. She'll catch on to you soon and she will be pretty disappointed in finding that you're a poser. Be open and transparent about who you are from the very beginning and let her fall in love with the authentic you.

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