Decadence at Home: A Cake and Wine Pairing Guide

Updated: May 18, 2020

What kind of wine goes with cake?

Are you looking for a fun date night activity you can do at home, or something deliciously different to do with your roomates? This cake and wine pairing guide is a great way to sample delicious cake flavors and pair them with complimentary wines. You can even turn this into a virtual happy hour with friends or family. The most important rule during your tasting is to match sweetness between the dessert and wine. In order to not fall flat, you want your wine to be as sweet as the cake flavor it is paired with. One great tip is to purchase wine with “late harvest” on the labels, as this is a sign that riper fruits were used, which in turn produces sweeter results. In addition to wine and cake pairing suggestions, the guide also includes mocktail options for those who don’t drink.

Consider supporting your local bakeries by ordering cakes or cupcakes from them. During these trying times, many bakeries are offering pickup services and would greatly appreciate your business. Next up, you’ll want to purchase the wine, and then print this scorecard so you can rate your favorite pairings at home.

You can also download the printable cake and wine tasting scorecard HERE and learn more about popular cake and wine pairing flavors.

Check out the cake and wine pairing guide below from our friends at for more information on each popular pairing!

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