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Guest Posts Wanted!

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

Write for Bohemian Wisdom #bohowise

Write for Bohemian Wisdom #bohowise. Submit a guest post. Blogs that accept guest posts. Bohemian blog.

Hello everyone! Hollie here!

My greatest desire is to fill this blog up with soul-tingling wisdom and insight from awesome people of all ages and cultures from around the globe.

Would you like to contribute to my blog? I sure hope so!

Let me tell you a little bit about it first.

My old blog, Quirky Bohemian Mama was in desperate need of improvement. It was becoming so eclectic that even I was having trouble trying to figure out what the blog was supposed to be a about.

I also realized I need to get away from Blogger and use a more SEO friendly blogging platform. I came to Wix and started rebranding Quirky Bohemian Mama as Bohemian Wisdom. Because QBM and BW are going to be so similar, there was no need with starting over with my social media accounts, so I merely updated the name of my accounts and informed my followers of what the change was about.

And what does this all mean?

This means, any content submitted to my blog will be shared with my 10,000 Facebook followers, 2,300 email subscribers, 33,000 Pinterest followers, and 2,000 total Instagram followers - you don't have to worry about lack of exposure!

We've got plenty of it and it's growing every day!

Please note: This website might contain some empty pages, errors, and broken links. No worries! This is all part of the process of building a new site and those issues will be resolved!


1. Guest posts must be relevant to the free spirit, bohemian nature of my blog. Please, no "How to dress boho" articles.

2. I'm not interested in posts about current fashion trends, entertainment trends, toy trends or any kind of trend.

3. I will not accept religious, political, or controversial hot topic posts. I want this site to be a neutral safe-haven for everyone.

4.Content must be 100% your own to use and can be a copy or revamp of a post from your own blog or website.

5. Affiliate links in posts are not allowed.

6. Please be sure to include your name, website, social media links, and a 2-3 sentence bio about yourself. This info will be at the end of your published post.

7. I do not pay for blog contributions.

8. Please allow 1-2 weeks for me to contact you if your post submission is accepted.

9. If your post is rejected, I might not respond to your email. I know this sounds so rude! I'm so sorry! I'm a very busy gal and this helps me save time!​

10. Please don't hesitate to email me if you have any questions!

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