How To Live a Happier Life: A Few Helpful Tips

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

How to be happier in life.

How to be happier in life. How to be happier.
Be happy.

Where are you on the 'Happiness Ladder'?

How would you rate yourself on life's "happiness ladder"? Are you at the top rung, feeling happy almost every day? Or are you anxious, negative, and worrying most days down on the bottom rung? Perhaps you’re somewhere in between? No matter where you are on that ladder, if you'd like to learn some easy things to do for living a calmer, happier life, please read on for a few self-help tips that may be the boost you need to make some noticeable changes in your happiness.

The Blame Game.

Let's talk about our thinking patterns first. Negative thinking is definitely the biggest killer of anyone's happiness. For many it's easier to blame someone or something else for their lack of happiness, but understand that happiness is an inside job. In other words, no one is responsible for our happiness but us.

So How Can We Change Things?

The first thing we need to do is repeat the following statements out loud to ourselves every day:

"I am the only one responsible for my h