The Benefits Of Drum Circles

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

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About Drum Circles
About Drum Circles

So, here's my history with drum circles. When me and my husband were engaged, we met this really cool guy outside a coffee shop with an oddly-shaped case beside him. I recognize the shape of the case and asked him, "Is that a sitar case?"  He was shocked that I guessed correctly because that's not something you see where we live; you don't just stumble across random guys with sitar cases here. But it happened and a great friendship began.

The guy pulled his sitar out and played for us. I was so excited because I thought I was the only person interested in South Asian style music in the area. At that time I was beginning to learn how to belly dance and so I was really getting into Middle Eastern and Indian music.

The next time we ran into him at the coffee shop, he had drums with him and invited us to drum with him. I had never played any kind drum before. He taught me some basic Arabic beats and I caught on very quickly. I was actually quite surprised that I took to the drum so easily considering I had never played before.  Soon, we had other people joining us at the coffee shop to drum and I would give quick little belly dance lessons to anyone who wanted to learn.

The drum circle grew and moved to a public park. People would stop by  to see what we were doing and they would join us for a little while, but we never really had any visitors come back to stay. It wasn't that we were bad players or crazy people or anything like that. Our town is pretty conservative and traditional and they're not too fond of anything that doesn't involve country music, horses, sports, and beer. Meh.

Sadly, due to artistic differences, the drum circle dissolved but I was still able to play with my friends at the Renaissa