Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Bohemians

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Bohemian Valentines Day Gift Guide | Unusual Valentines Day Gifts

Bohemians are way too unique for greeting cards and pink teddy bears. They love uncommon and eccentric gifts, and there is nothing more romantic to them than a gift that says, "I totally get you".


Yes, you heard me. I said chocolates.  But not those toothpaste filled bits in the cardboard hearts. That's lame, boring, and super original. Get them fine chocolates, gourmet, fair trade, locally made, etc. Bonus points if you make the chocolates yourself!

Jewelry. Bohemian women and men LOVE ethnic jewelry. Consider something your love something extraordinary like a chunky lapis lazuli cuff from Afghanistan, a Native American squash blossom necklace, or Tibetan prayer beads. Handmade jewelry made by an independent jewelry maker will also be greatly cherished!

A Unique Plant. Flowers are nice, but they shrivel and die and you'll end up pretty much throwing your money away. Get them something that'll last a long time... unless their like me and can kill a plant by just looking at it. Consider something that matches their style and personality, like succulents for the classic bohemian, a cactus or a venus flytrap for the quirky bohemian, and a well-bloomed sage or rosemary plant for the more earthy types.

Antiques. Bohemians like rare and exquisite things and antiques are just that. Hit up your local flea markets and look for vases, mirrors, original paintings, globes, books, musical instruments, photographs, and cabinets.

Original Art. Make it yourself if you can, or get on Etsy and buy from an artist who could really use the support. Even better: buy from a local artist!

Fine Wine. I don't know about you, but this bohemian chica would squeal with delight over a free box of wine from the supermarket... buuuuut, I'm cheap and weird. I don't think box-wine would be seen as a very romantic gift for most people on Valentines day. If your local wine or liquor stores don't have a decent wine selection, check to see if there are any local wine makers or order online. Ordering online will give you the advantage of reading reviews before you buy. Did you know there are wine subscription services that you can gift? Click HERE for more info about that!

An Experience. A bohemian doesn't necessarily want presents. An awesome evening with you will do just fine!  Plan a full day or an evening to do something incredibly unique that you two have never done before. Like maybe a picnic in a vineyard, horseback riding, swing dancing, or a private dinner for two made by a real chef in your home. You can actually buy experiences like this from!  IfOnly is a marketplace for incredible experiences all over the globe, including private lessons, celebrity meet-and-greets, vacations, picnics, sporting events, and much more. If you don't wish to buy from IfOnly you should still check out the site for super unique date inspiration!

I hope my little guide helped!

Now, go knock some socks off!

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