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Where to Find Bohemian Clothing for Men: THE ULTIMATE LIST!

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Boho Fashion for Men | Bohemian Style for Men

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This list took ages to finish! Why? Because finding online stores that sell unique, good quality bohemian clothing for men is tough! That's why you're probably here, huh? Well, look no further! I've compiled this huge list of awesome places on the internet to find men's bohemian clothing of all styles!

I've rounded up shops that sell:

  • General boho style fashion

  • Earthy and tribal style

  • Dandy, dapper, and victorian styles

  • Edgy, gothic clothes

  • Quirky, fun, and colorful clothes perfect for festivals

  • Authentic and inspired ethnic clothing

Many of these clothes are made by small independent business whose clothes are completely handmade, so please understand that this might result in higher than mainstream retail prices.

Check back often because I'll be updating this list as soon as I find new stores.

This post contains affiliate links.


General Bohemian Style.

For the free spirited guy desiring a casual, effortless boho or hippie look.

Island Importer - Linen suits and separates, perfect for summertime, and beach weddings.

Shein - This is a very large store that has a massive selection of unique mens clothes.

Earthbound Trading Company - Their men's selection has expanded greatly over the past couple years!

Gift Muscle - Eccentric duds at affordable prices. Like seriously, brace yourself to see some pretty amazing clothes.

Umba Love - This cool shop, based in Boulder, CO features clothing and accessories from over 100 local designers and artists!

Hong Tong Shop - Beautiful unisex bohemian clothes including shorts, harem pants, and jackets.

Natural Flow Direct - Unisex tops, perfect for everyday wear and renaissance faires.

Shop Hippie - Fun and funky hippie/boho threads for the entire family!



These sites provide clothing for dudes seeking a more earthy, elven, or mori boy look.

Primitive Tribal Craft - The name says it all! These clothes and accessories are made from handwoven fabrics using ancient and traditional techniques from all over the globe.

Ajjaya - Super awesome ponchos, scarves, shawls, and more!

Elven Forest Creations - As it stands, there's not a ton of men's clothing to choose from, but what they do have is spectacular and worth taking a look at.

Chintamani Alchemistry - Amazing lightweight cotton clothing with raw edges and unique silhouettes. Absolutely perfect for summer, beach time, and Burning Man.

Oriki Designs - Stellar urban boho designs including, tanks, unique cut tops, shorts, kimonos and more.

Natura Spirit Shop - Consciously created earthy clothes accessories made of ethical, eco-friendly and hand-loomed fabrics from Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Dress for Earth - Original designs made from 100% organic, hand woven hemp fabric.



Dapper, vintage inspired duds for the modern gentleman.

Historical Emporium - Victorian replicas and steampunk clothing; perfect for the guy seeking an authentic and bold dandy look.

Unique Vintage - 30s, 40s, and 50s inspired clothing in retro and modern cuts.

River Junction - A huge selection of high quality wild west and Victorian replica clothing, accessories, and footwear.

Contemposuits - This site has a very nice selection of affordable vintage style suits, hats, and shoes! You can find their gangster style suits HERE, and general vintage style HERE.

Atom Retro - James Bond style 70s British cut 3-pieces, mod suits, and separates reminiscent of those worn The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix.

Men's USA - Affordable vintage style suits in all kinds of colors including red, purple, and royal blue!



Dark, edgy, and post-apocalyptic inspired clothing.

Rebel's Market - Edgy pieces that can be put together for an intense look or pick one great piece as the feature of your gothic bohemian outfit.

Dark in the Closet - Elegant neo-Victorian gothic fashion.

Dreamtime Clothing - A little piratey, a little punk, a little tribal, a little post-apocalyptic with a whole lot of style!

Psylo - Urban boho streetwear. Based in the UK with free worldwide shipping for orders over £150.

Delicious Boutique - Handmade in Los Angeles, this is your ultimate shop for post-apocalyptic threads, perfect for Burning Man!



Colorful, flamboyant clothing and festival gear for the eccentric bohemian man.

Shinesty - Fun, allover print suits for all occasions.

Ragstock - Funky new and vintage clothing.

Fashion Nova - Bold clothes for men with quirky taste.

Jackfruit - 80s and 90s inspired original designs in funky tribal prints and neons.

Loud Elephant - Fun and funky hippie/boho clothing sold on eBay.


Global/Ethnic/Afro Punk.

Authentic and global inspired fashion for cultural appreciators.

Karma Place - Fabulous authentic formal and casual Indian clothing.

Kimonoshi - Amazing modern Japanese style kimono shirts, and trousers.

Rus Clothing - Authentic Russian and Ukrainian traditional and contemporary clothing.

D'Iyanu - Stunning Afrocentric tops, bottoms, and suits.

Panesh - A huge selection of formal and casual traditional Indian clothing.

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Do you know of or own a shop that should be on this list?

Tell us about it in a comment below!

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