Why Being an Introvert is a Good Thing.

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Benefits of Being an Introvert

People might mistakenly imagine being an introvert is bad news. After all, how can being quiet and not enjoying large gatherings of people be good?

The benefits reaped aren’t often discussed so let’s take a moment to discuss four great advantages of being an introvert that sometimes go unnoticed.

You soak up details.

Since you're not fond of chatter and small talk, you tend to notice everything that’s happening in your surroundings while you sit in silence. Others might miss details, but you are always on the ball. You are adept at reading body language and you can spot people’s emotional state quickly. Your heightened awareness allows you to become immersed in your environment, read people like a book, and take pleasure in little things.

You’re empathic.

Introverts are naturally more sensitive than their extroverted counterparts. Your sensitivity helps you recognize people’s feelings, allowing you to put yourself in their shoes. Being empathetic means you understand them well and can relate to their experience of life. Despite often being perceived as being cold and distant, you get along well with others because your empathetic heart puts the Golden Rule at the forefront of your mind: treat others the way you would like to be treated.

You’re creative.

Your imagination is your best friend. You often live in your head and can easily make up stories and visualize events. You're probably a good writer, painter, or enjoy a number of different forms of creative expression. As you enjoy solitude, you have ample opportunities to express yourself artistically. Because staying home doesn't bother you much, it would be very easy for you to pursue an artistic career that will allow you to work alone away from teams and meetings while you earn a living; jobs like freelance writing, blogging, graphic design, and illustrating.

You know yourself.

Introverts are reflective, often looking inwards to examine their feelings and dissect experiences. There aren’t many blind spots in your psyche because you are in touch with your feelings and thoughts. This can lead to a peaceful life because you know exactly what and who you like. You know what makes you happy and you know your negative triggers. If someone tries to push you into going way out of your comfort zone to the point of stress and anxiety, you might have trouble speaking up for yourself, but when you do you can make your desires known clearly because only you know what's best for you.

Are you an introvert? Tell me about yourself in a comment below!

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