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How to Unleash Your Creative Mind with Online Classes

Online classes for creative people | Creative online courses free

Online classes for creative people | Creative online courses free

Artsy and creative types are some of the most unorganized and scatterbrained people you will ever meet. Our minds are constantly racing with ideas: crafting methods, painting ideas, fashion layering, inspiration seeking, etc. We want to do it all and this often results in unfished projects, cluttered spaces, material hoarding, and even empty wallets, sadness, and pure frustration. With CreativeLive, you can sharpen your best skills (and learn new ones) through online classes taught by highly qualified creative experts including Grammy winners, best-selling authors, professional fashion designers, millionaire entrepreneurs, and more! Or in their own words "Master your craft, your passion, or something new with creative classes taught by the world’s best."

With CreativeLive you can learn at your own pace; there are no grades and no time limits.

So, let's get back to the classes. What kind of classes are we talking about here and how can they help us become more creative, organized, inspired, or perhaps more financially stable?

Online classes for creative people | Creative online courses free

Well, for starters they have a class that has an astounding 100% thumbs-up rating: How to Start a Photography Business taught by Pye Jirsa. In this class you can take your love of photography and turn it into a business that will allow you to earn a full income doing what you love to do! Jirsa also has classes on lighting, using Lightroom, and how to take amazing engagement photos.

And how about something creative-types love to do: learn a dying art! In this case, calligraphy! In the class, Introduction to Calligraphy you'll learn what materials are needed to get started, basic strokes, upper and lowercase letters, and numbers. Finding a real calligrapher is rare and yes, people still hire them. Can you imagine developing such a rare and unique skill that can ear you extra cash?

Online classes for creative people | Creative online courses free

In their paper craft category you'll find a range of unique classes including paper mache, paper marbling, and stamp carving. Crafts like this can be given as affordable thoughtful gifts, or even sold online or at festivals for a bit of extra cash.

You'll also find classes on needlecraft including cross-stitching, embroidery, sewing, knitting, and crocheting. And something all my bohemian readers out there can benefit from both personally and as an act of practical frugality, upcycling, fashion design, and jewelry design!

Online classes for creative people | Creative online courses free

If you're looking into some self-improvement, you guessed it! They have tons of classes on that too including courses on finance, communication, and wellness.

If you're ready to hone your skills for fun or for profit, Creative-Live is exactly what you need!

Many of these classes cost money BUT you're in luck! They have classes starting as low as $12 and you'll find many classes streaming right on the site, live for FREE! Click the banner below to get started!

If you see a coursed like to purchase, you can also click HERE for $15 off your purchase at CreativeLive!

I sincerely hope you all find something that will make your awesomeness ever more awesome!

Online classes for creative people | Creative online courses free

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