9 Signs You're Actually a Bohemian

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Bohemianism | What is a bohemian?

Signs you're a bohemian.

Are you a bohemian? You might not wear the flashy clothes and wear bracelets up to your elbows, but deep in your soul there might be a bohemian just waiting to be set free.

Below are nine classic traits of modern bohemians; check them out and I bet you'll discover that you're a bohemian too!

You hate following rules and being told what to do.

Bohemians are rebellious by nature and being bossed around really gets under their skin. Not only do they dislike being bossed around, but they don't like to be told how to dress and act by mainstream media. Do articles like "What Not to Wear in Your 40s" make you roll your eyes so hard that you can see your brain? Then you might be a bohemian.

You hate the 9 to 5 lifestyle.

Bohemians don't do well in the 9-5-ish lifestyle as they are entirely too wild and spontaneous for strict schedules, dress codes, and handbooks. This shouldn't suggest that a bohemian won't work a 9-5 job. Any responsible adult who cares about keeping a roof over their head will take a job, even if it does conflict a little with their lifestyle and personality. Cubicles make bohemians feel like a caged wild animal and when the urge to break free strikes, they might burst forth from the office without warning and never return.

The music on the radio makes you want to puke.

In my opinion, today's mainstream music is rubbish. Bohemians enjoy unique sounds and the radio just doesn't have it. Shallow song lyrics and unoriginal music designed to appeal to the masses is the soundtrack behind everything bohemians hate about mainstream entertainment.

You hate uniforms.

Do school or work uniforms make you feel like you're being robbed of your identity? The majority of bohemians express themselves through fashion and style and taking that away from them for the sake of uniformity makes them feel like they've lost a little bit of themselves.

Signs you're a bohemian.

Fashion trends make you cringe.

Bohemians. Don't. Do. Trends.

A bohemian gains no pleasure from looking like everyone else. They are vastly unique individuals who don't need to be told what to wear and how to wear it. Try to hem in a bohemian and they will break out and do the exact opposite of what any fashion magazine says in "en vogue".

You don't judge others for being strange.

Bohemians don't judge others lifestyle, fashion choices (no matter how trendy they are), or beliefs because they are firm believers in "live and let live". They feel that denying people the freedom to be themselves without consequence is a crime against humanity.

You find normal people to be a little boring.

First thing's first: There is nothing wrong with being "normal"! Normal people are absolutely necessary in this world. Without them, we'd all be living in utter chaos! Normal people help bring order and structure society needs, but for a bohemian, being around them can be a bit, well... unstimulating. Bohemians and normal people don't have much in common and they most likely won't even have the same interests. Yes, they can get along just fine as long as the normal person is willing to accept the bohemian's unorthodox lifestyle.

You appreciate other cultures.

The culture of a bohemian's nationality and ethnicity just isn't enough to keep them satisfied. They are always hungry for more texture, more colors, more smells, more sights and sounds, and oftentimes the only way to get that, is by exploring other cultures. That's why so many bohemians have a "global" look about them; they are embracing the beauties of other culture's fashions.

Are you a bohemian?

You feel empty when you're not creating something.

One major thing that makes a bohemian a bohemian is their deep need to create. Art, music, prose, poetry, film, clothing, home decor, dances, food, anything! Creativity is in their heart and soul and should a bohemian find themselves stuck in a position when they cannot create... they might go mad.

So what do you think?

Do you think you might be a bohemian?

Let me know in a comment below!

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