How to Have Fun On Valentine's Day When You're Single

Updated: Feb 10

How to celebrate valentine's day alone.

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I've been married for 10 years but, guess what... I didn't get my first real boyfriend until I was 24 years old. I know loneliness, I know rejection, and I definitely know what it feels like to be alone on Valentines Day. 

Every diamond commercial, every kiss, every box of chocolates that someone else received was another nail in my coffin of despair. I felt like they were just mushing my loneliness in my face on purpose - but, one day I realized that's just how it felt and it was silly to feel that way because it's simply not true. No matter what's being sold, no matter how overpriced the chocolates are, and no matter how silly the holiday may seem, some people enjoy it and that's ok.

Stewing in jealousy and depression all day because you're single is a very miserable thing to do and you have a choice - you have the power to choose how you feel. Choose courage. Choose confidence. Choose happiness. Choose self love and be your own Valentine.