What to Do When You're Alone on Thanksgiving

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

How do you spend Thanksgiving alone?

How To Celebrate Thanksgiving By Yourself
How To Celebrate Thanksgiving By Yourself

Solitude can be great. Sitting and relaxing alone with no pants on, free to eat or watch whatever you want can be quite refreshing. Everyone needs a little "me time"  and for many of us if we never get "me time" we can get quite irritable and even depressed. But, when you find yourself alone when you're desiring to be in the company of others - say during a major family-centric holiday like Thanksgiving, that solitude can quickly turn into heartbreaking loneliness.

People can end up alone during the holidays for many reasons: like studying abroad, a recent breakup or divorce, a lack of friends and family, and even last minute canceled plans.

 I know firsthand what it's like to be alone on Thanksgiving. On a couple of occasions I had to work, and a few times, I just simply had nowhere to go, nothing to do and no one to do it with. What a bummer!

If I had used my time to come up with alternate plans instead of sitting around feeling sorry for myself, I'm sure I could have come up with something nice to do alone. But alas, sadness can cloud even the most logical mind.

So, if you've come here to my blog today: kudos. You're looking for something to do! And I sincerely hope that I can help you or someone you know make the best of a solo-Thanksgiving.