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25 Affordable and Unique Valentine's Day Ideas for Couples

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Valentine's Day Date Ideas | Unusual Valentine's Day Ideas

Valentine's Day Date Ideas | Unusual Valentine's. Cheap valentines ideas.

Are you tired of doing the same ol' thing every Valentine's day? Maybe you guys are tight on cash or don't have the time to plan something elaborate? Check out these 25 unique and affordable Valentine's Day date ideas!

1. Have a picnic. Is it too cold outside? Just lay a blanket out on the living room floor.

2. Have a classic romance movie marathon. Don't forget the theater style popcorn and candy!

3. After dinner at home, head to a fancy restaurant and have only dessert and coffee.

4. Draw each other's portraits. Frame them and hang them up no matter how awful they might turn out to be.

5. Go see a local band or musician, or stop by an open-mic night.

6. Go to an art gallery or a museum. Call around first or browse online to see who's offering discounts or having free exhibits.

7. Go ice skating or roller skating.

9. Play the sexy dice game.

10. Try partner yoga.

11. Go camping.

12. Make a time-capsule and fill it with items that represent your relationship like love letters, one of your wedding invitations, or a receipt from a recent date.

13. Chill out at a coffee shop you've never been to.

14. Go thrift shopping.

15. Go to a casino with only $10 each.

16. Go hiking.

17. Put your heads together at trivia night at your local pub.

18. Host a potluck dinner at your home for couples who can't think of anything else to do either. Dress up and decorate with cute, affordable DIY decor.

19. Visit the zoo or local aquarium.

20. Drop in for a dance class, ballroom, latin, belly dance, anything. If you can't afford that, then look up free lessons online. There are plenty on Youtube!

21. Do a lifecasting of your hands together.

22. Take a mini road trip.

23. Get on YouTube and watch Ted Talks, or sermons about keeping a healthy relationship.

24. Have a board game or video game tournament. The loser has to give the winner a 1-hour full body massage.

25. Record your day together. Edit the footage and make a lovely video that you two can look back on for years to come.

So, what are your plans for Valentine's Day this year?

Let me know in a comment below!

Valentine's Day Date Ideas | Unusual Valentine's. Cheap valentines ideas.

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