5 Creative and Artistic Activities for Couples

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Creative date night ideas.

Are you guys looking for something more exciting than lounging on the couch watching Netflix all night long? Guaranteed to get those creative gears a-turning for a night full of artsy fun, here are five creative and artistic ideas just for you and your partner to enjoy.

Abstract paint together.

Date night ideas for married couples.
Date night painting

All you need is a large canvas and paint of your choice. Fling paint about, smear it around and have blast! Don't try to be too structured in your painting or else your art might come out too boring. But don't get TOO messy and wild or you might end up with brown smudgy mess on canvas. To keep the balance while abstract painting with your partner, take your time, free your mind and perhaps have a little wine to help get those creative juices flowing.